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iKnow Newsletter 1 (September 2009)

What is the WI-WE Bank for?

The  Wi-We Bank can be used for:

  • Assessing the robustness of existing scenarios;
  • Supporting scenarios work with extreme futures and seeds of change;
  • Contributing toward the development of a bottom-up early warning system;
  • Raising policymakers awareness about potential issues shaping or shaking the future;
  • Contributing toward the development of thematic and interdisciplinary research agendas;
  • Among other uses.


The Wi-We Bank is basically the first interactive library of wild cards and weak signals (Wi-We). It has been designed using Web 2.0 platforms in order to improve:

  • the mapping and interconnection of knowledge about Wi-We; and
  • the assessment and visualision of Wi-We relevance to society, STI and ERA dimensions.


The Wi-We Bank allows registered iKnow members to access, suggest, classify, rank and comment on Wild Cards and associated Weak Signals.


The system includes interactive features such as:

  • Wi-We Forums (interactive area to discuss and comment on wild cards and weak signals),
  • WI-WE Maps (interactive map showing expected geographical location of WI-WE scanners);
  • WI-WE Clusters (visualisation tool tagging and clustering WI-WE with links to ERA dimensions);
  • WI-WE Polls (opinion poll system rating entries), and
  • WI-WE Sources (interactive map showing sources of WI-WE)